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1 Miyake M, Kohno N, Nudelman ED, Hakomori S.
Human IgG3 monoclonal antibody directed to an unbranched repeating type 2 chain (Gal beta 1----4GlcNAc beta 1----3Gal beta 1----4GlcNAc beta 1----3Gal beta 1----R) which is highly expressed in colonic and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Cancer Res. 1989 Oct 15;49(20):5689-95
PMID: 2551493
2 Watanabe K, Hakomori SI, Childs RA, Feizi T.
Characterization of a blood group I-active ganglioside. Structural requirements for I and i specificities.
J Biol Chem. 1979 May 10;254(9):3221-8
PMID: 107170
3 Fenderson BA, Nichols EJ, Clausen H, Hakomori SI.
A monoclonal antibody defining a binary N-acetyllactosaminyl structure in lactoisooctaosylceramide (IV6Gal beta 1----4GlcNAcnLc6): a useful probe for determining differential glycosylation patterns between normal and transformed human fibroblasts.
Mol Immunol. 1986 Jul ;23(7):747-54
PMID: 3796623
4 Fenderson BA, Hahnel AC, Eddy EM.
Immunohistochemical localization of two monoclonal antibody-defined carbohydrate antigens during early murine embryogenesis.
Dev Biol. 1983 Dec ;100(2):318-27
PMID: 6653876
5 Hirohashi S, Clausen H, Nudelman E, Inoue H, Shimosato Y, Hakomori S.
A human monoclonal antibody directed to blood group i antigen: heterohybridoma between human lymphocytes from regional lymph nodes of a lung cancer patient and mouse myeloma.
J Immunol. 1986 Jun 1;136(11):4163-8
PMID: 2422274
6 Kapadia A, Feizi T, Evans MJ.
Changes in the expression and polarization of blood group I and i antigens in post-implantation embryos and teratocarcinomas of mouse associated with cell differentiation.
Exp Cell Res. 1981 Jan ;131(1):185-95
PMID: 7004456
7 Feizi T, Kapadia A, Yount WJ.
I and i antigens of human peripheral blood lymphocytes cocap with receptors for concanavalin A.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1980 Jan ;77(1):376-80
PMID: 6987651
8 Niemann H, Watanabe K, Hakomori S.
Blood group i and I activities of "lacto-N-norhexaosylceramide" and its analogues: the structural requirements for i-specificities.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1978 Apr 28;81(4):1286-93
PMID: 78708
9 Gooi HC, Veyrieres A, Alais J, Scudder P, Hounsell EF, Feizi T.
Further studies of the specificities of monoclonal anti-i and anti-I antibodies using chemically synthesized, linear oligosaccharides of the poly-N-acetyllactosamine series.
Mol Immunol. 1984 Nov ;21(11):1099-104
PMID: 6083447
10 Nagatsuka Y, Watarai S, Yasuda T, Higashi H, Yamagata T, Ono Y.
Production of human monoclonal antibodies to i blood group by EBV-induced transformation: possible presence of a new glycolipid in cord red cell membranes and human hematopoietic cell lines.
Immunol Lett. 1995 May ;46(1-2):93-100
PMID: 7590936
11 Fukuda M.
K562 human leukaemic cells express fetal type (i) antigen on different glycoproteins from circulating erythrocytes.
Nature. 1980 Jun 5;285(5764):405-7
PMID: 6770273
12 Childs RA, Feizi T, Fukuda M, Hakomori SI.
Blood-group-I activity associated with band 3, the major intrinsic membrane protein of human erythrocytes.
Biochem J. 1978 Jul 1;173(1):333-6
PMID: 687374
13 Fukuda M, Fukuda MN, Hakomori S.
Developmental change and genetic defect in the carbohydrate structure of band 3 glycoprotein of human erythrocyte membrane.
J Biol Chem. 1979 May 25;254(10):3700-3
PMID: 438154