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1 Nakayama J, Ota H, Katsuyama T, Kanai M, Taki T, Hirabayashi Y, Suzuki Y.
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Histochemistry. 1992 May ;97(4):303-10
PMID: 1618643
2 Cooling LL, Zhang DS, Walker KE, Koerner TA.
Detection in human blood platelets of sialyl Lewis X gangliosides, potential ligands for CD62 and other selectins.
Glycobiology. 1995 Sep ;5(6):571-81
PMID: 8563144
3 Myoga A, Taki T, Arai K, Sekiguchi K, Ikeda I, Kurata K, Matsumoto M.
Detection of patients with cancer by monoclonal antibody directed to lactoneotetraosylceramide (paragloboside).
Cancer Res. 1988 Mar 15;48(6):1512-6
PMID: 3345524
4 Taki T, Ishikawa D, Hamasaki H, Handa S.
Preparation of peptides which mimic glycosphingolipids by using phage peptide library and their modulation on beta-galactosidase activity.
FEBS Lett. 1997 Nov 24;418(1-2):219-23
PMID: 9414130
5 Schwarting GA, Crandall JE.
Subsets of olfactory and vomeronasal sensory epithelial cells and axons revealed by monoclonal antibodies to carbohydrate antigens.
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6 Panjwani N, Zhao Z, Ahmad S, Yang Z, Jungalwala F, Baum J.
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PMID: 7775461
7 Hirohashi S, Clausen H, Nudelman E, Inoue H, Shimosato Y, Hakomori S.
A human monoclonal antibody directed to blood group i antigen: heterohybridoma between human lymphocytes from regional lymph nodes of a lung cancer patient and mouse myeloma.
J Immunol. 1986 Jun 1;136(11):4163-8
PMID: 2422274
8 Nagatsuka Y, Watarai S, Yasuda T, Higashi H, Yamagata T, Ono Y.
Production of human monoclonal antibodies to i blood group by EBV-induced transformation: possible presence of a new glycolipid in cord red cell membranes and human hematopoietic cell lines.
Immunol Lett. 1995 May ;46(1-2):93-100
PMID: 7590936
9 Young WW Jr, Portoukalian J, Hakomori S.
Two monoclonal anticarbohydrate antibodies directed to glycosphingolipids with a lacto-N-glycosyl type II chain.
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PMID: 7287743
10 Holmes EH, Ostrander GK, Clausen H, Graem N.
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PMID: 3112156
11 Fujimoto J, Hata J, Ishii E, Tanaka S, Kannagi R, Ueyama Y, Tamaoki N.
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Lab Invest. 1987 Oct ;57(4):350-8
PMID: 2823004
12 Tsuji Y, Clausen H, Nudelman E, Kaizu T, Hakomori S, Isojima S.
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PMID: 3294333
13 Fukushi Y, Ohtani H, Orikasa S.
Expression of lacto series type 2 antigens in human renal cell carcinoma and its clinical significance.
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PMID: 2563403