Sialyl Lewis x

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Epitope information of EP0012

Epitope IDEP0012
Epitope nameSialyl Lewis x
AliasesSialyl Lex,CD15s,sCD15
HistorySialyl Lex was charaterized as a tumor marker. [30][31][32][33]
The term Lewis refers to the family name of individuals suffering from a red blood cell incompatibility problem that helped lead to the discovery of this blood group.
DB GlyTouCan:G00054MO JCGGDB
Molecular weight982.9

Homo sapiens
Mus musculus

Tissue and Cellular distribution

cancer/colon [16]
helper memory T cell
hematopoietic stem cell
NK cell
normal epithelia/breast[52]
normal epithelia/colon[52]
normal epithelia/oral cavity[52]

Subcellular distribution

Developmental change

Cell line

BxPC-3/human pancreatic carcinoma
COLO 205/human colon adenocarcinoma
HL-60/human promyelocytic leukemia
HT-29/human colon adenocarcinoma
HT-29LMM/metastatic parental


L-selectin(The hierarchy of binding strengths were 6-sulfo sialyl > sialyl = 6',6-bis-sulfo sialyl >> 6'-sulfo sialyl Lex)[41]
P-selectin(requires PSGL-1 molecules carrying sialyl Lex and presence of sulfated tyrosine residue(s) in its N-terminal region)


Sialyl Lex was shown to be a specific ligand on human leukocytes for vascular E- and P-selectins,and was shown to mediate leukocyte recruitment .[30][31][32]
The determinant is also frequently expressed on human cancer cells,and is involved in the adhesion of cancer cells to vascular endothelium and thus contribute to hematogenous metastasis of cancer.[17]


colon cancer[16]
colorectal cancer[53]

The prognosis of patients in whom type 2 carbohydrate antigens were increased in the cancerous portion, especially Lex and sialyl Lex-i, was poorer than in patients in whom they were not increased.[22][23]

ApplicationThe monoclonal antibodies,CSLEX-1,NCC-ST-439 and FH-6 are representative diagnostic agents for adenocarcinoma.