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1 Zenita K, Hirashima K, Shigeta K, Hiraiwa N, Takada A, Hashimoto K, Fujimoto E, Yago K, Kannagi R.
Northern hybridization analysis of VH gene expression in murine monoclonal antibodies directed to cancer-associated ganglioside antigens having various sialic acid linkages.
J Immunol. 1990 Jun 1;144(11):4442-51
PMID: 2111348
2 Hiraiwa N, Fukuda Y, Imura H, Tadano-Aritomi K, Nagai K, Ishizuka I, Kannagi R.
Accumulation of highly acidic sulfated glycosphingolipids in human hepatocellular carcinoma defined by a series of monoclonal antibodies.
Cancer Res. 1990 May 15;50(10):2917-28
PMID: 2159366
3 Suzuki Y, Toda Y, Tamatani T, Watanabe T, Suzuki T, Nakao T, Murase K, Kiso M, Hasegawa A, Tadano-Aritomi K.
Sulfated glycolipids are ligands for a lymphocyte homing receptor, L-selectin (LECAM-1), Binding epitope in sulfated sugar chain.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1993 Jan 29;190(2):426-34
PMID: 7678958
4 Hiraiwa N, Iida N, Ishizuka I, Itai S, Shigeta K, Kannagi R, Fukuda Y, Imura H.
Monoclonal antibodies directed to a disulfated glycosphingolipid, SB1a (GgOse4Cer-II3IV3-bis-sulfate), associated with human hepatocellular carcinoma.
Cancer Res. 1988 Dec 1;48(23):6769-74
PMID: 2846160
5 Han S, Ching YC, Rousseau DL.
Primary intermediate in the reaction of mixed-valence cytochrome c oxidase with oxygen.
Biochemistry. 1990 Feb 13;29(6):1380-4
PMID: 2159336