Antibody IDAN0271
Epitope ID EP0500
Epitope nameHomogalacturonan
Recognition regionblockwise de-esterifield Homogalacturonan
Flow cytometry
CommentOptimal binding required in the region of 30 de-estrified GalA residues.[1]
CategorySingle chain Fv
AvailabilityPlant Probes
ApplicationsImmunodot assay [1][2][3]
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1 Willats WG, Gilmartin PM, Mikkelsen JD, Knox JP.
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PMID: 10341443
2 Willats WG, Limberg G, Buchholt HC, van Alebeek GJ, Benen J, Christensen TM, Visser J, Voragen A, Mikkelsen JD, Knox JP.
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