628 antibodies registered

Antibody ID Antibody name Epitope ID Epitope name Recognition region
AN0807 LM11 EP0514 Glucronoarabinoxylan -[Xyl(b1-4)]n- n=4
AN0806 LM10 EP0513 Glucronoxylan -[Xyl(b1-4)]n- n=2
AN0807 LM11 EP0513 Glucronoxylan -[Xyl(b1-4)]n- n=4
AN0350 BG1 EP0512 1-3,1-4 beta Glucan Glc(b1-3)Glc(b1-4)Glc(b1-4)Glc(b1-3)Glc(b1-4)Glc(b1-4)Glc-R
AN0352 CCRC-M1 EP0511 Xyloglucan Fuc(a1-2)Gal(b1-)-R
AN0805 LM15 EP0511 Xyloglucan XXXG structural motif of xyloglucan
AN0812 BGM C6 EP0510 Galactomannan -[Man(b1-4)]n-
AN0809 LM22 EP0510 Galactomannan -[Man(b1-4)]n-
AN0808 LM21 EP0509 Glucomannan -[Man(b1-4)]n-
AN0809 LM22 EP0509 Glucomannan -[Man(b1-4)]n-
AN0803 LM13 EP0508 Arabinan -[Aral(a1-5)]n- linear
AN0804 LM17 EP0508 Arabinan Arabinan
AN0289 LM6 EP0508 Arabinan -[Ara(a1-5)]n- n=5
AN0811 J-539 EP0507 1-6 beta Galactan -[Gal(b1-6)]n-
AN0813 X-24 EP0507 1-6 beta Galactan -[Gal(b1-6)]n-
AN0288 LM5 EP0506 beta 1-4 Galactan -[Gal(b1-4)]n- n=4
AN0810 LM9 EP0506 beta 1-4 Galactan Feruloylated beta 1-4 Galactan
AN0291 CCRC-M7 EP0504 Arabinogalactan Type ll beta 1-6 linked Galactose oligomers that contain Arabinose
AN0802 LM16 EP0504 Arabinogalactan Type ll Galactosyl residue/ galactan stub on the Rhamnogalacturonan I backbone
AN0802 LM16 EP0503 Arabinogalactan Type I Galactosyl residue/ galactan stub on the Rhamnogalacturonan I backbone
AN0358 LM8 EP0501 Xylogalacturonan Xylogalacturonan
AN0287 2F4 EP0500 Homogalacturonan Homogalacturonan
AN0269 JIM5 EP0500 Homogalacturonan MeGalA(a1-4)GalA(a1-4)GalA(a1-4)GalA(a1-4)GalA(a1-4)MeGalA -R
AN0270 JIM7 EP0500 Homogalacturonan GalA(a1-4)MeGalA(a1-4)MeGalA(a1-4)MeGalA(a1-4)MeGalA(a1-4)GalA(a1-4)-R
AN0799 LM18 EP0500 Homogalacturonan Homogalacturonan